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His grandma in 1991 wrote him a letter that he couldn’t open till 2017

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Internet is full fo wonderful moments like this. A boy called Trevor has just shared a letter that his grandma wrote him at the time he was born.

The intructions of his “Nanny” —that she left written in 1991— were very clear: he couldn’t open the missive till the next total eclipse.

The grandma was then 53 years old and left written: “Today we had a total eclipse and the next one is in the year 2017 – so I thought this was such a special day in the first year of year of you life that I would make a note of it. I hope I’m around when you open this!!!! Because i will/or would have been 79 years old.”.

26 years later, Trevor opened the letter and he have shared it on social networks. “I have never felt something so genuine and precious”, ha reconocido.

This is what he put in the letter:

“I wonder what you will be doing at the age of 26 I do know that you are the cutest baby ever and we love you lots and love having you over to stay with us – you are so much fun ! I must get back to work now –
I’m giving this to your Mother this weekend to put away till 2017 when you are to open this”.

Pero aún hay más, la abuela Betty sigue viva y goza de una grandísima salud, ha dicho Trevor a los usuarios que se han interesado por la salud de su “Nana”.

My nana wrote me a letter in 1991 that I couldn’t open till 2017. The date finally came and I’ve never felt something so genuine and precious. from pics


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Credits: huffingtonpost


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